6 Traditional Quilts from Star Quilters Guild Show 2017


This year we had the great pleasure of attending Star Quilters Guild annual Quilt Show! Immediately walking in we were dazzled by the warm and inviting atmosphere. The best part was meeting some of the outstanding artist’s who made these amazing quilts. Some of the stories made the quilts feel even more alive. Everywhere you looked there were gorgeous works of art. Needless to say we defiantly had a blast.


The Star Quilters Guild is located in the Roanoke Valley in Virginia. They are a group of wonderful people dedicated to the intricacy, beauty and history involved with quilt making. You can find out more information on the Star Quilters Guild’s homepage.

Below are some of the amazing works of art from the show.

Mariner’s Compass

Mariner's Compass

Made By: Sandra Fergusson                      Quilted By: Alecia Knox                                        

Mariner's Compass (2).jpg

When I first saw this quilt I fell completely in love. Everything syncs together in perfect harmony. This was defiantly was one of my favorites. This amazing work of art was created by Sandra Fergusson from Wirtz Virginia, and was beautifully quilted by Alecia Knox. The color combination she chose was perfect as well as the brilliant quilting work. This piece is a one of a kind masterpiece. The intricacy and thought behind it made it stand out that much more.

Flags Around The Zoo


Flags Around The Zoo.jpg

    Made By: Judy Coffman                                       Quilted By: Laura Credle                                                   

Flags Around The Zoo (2).jpg

This quilt would make a great kids quilt. I absolutely loved the intricate pieced animal blocks in this quilt, it made it even more adorable. Defiantly a one of a kind. This was created by Judy Coffman and quilted by Laura Credle from Star City Stitchery.

Monet’s Purple Dream

Monet's Purple Dream.jpg

Made By: Gisela O’Connor       Quilted By: Cathy Fandel

Monet's Purple Dream (2).jpg

The artist who created this beautiful quilt is Gisela O’Connor from Salem Va and was quilted by Cathy Fandel. I loved the different shades of purple used for this sampler quilt and the flower boarder made it stand out even further.


Two’s Company

Two's Company

Made and Quilted By: Dawn Schaben

Two's Company (2).jpg

This is the second beauty I fell in love with. It was beautifully created and quilted by Dawn Schaben of Roanoke Virginia. I absolutely love the music and color theme behind this quilt. My top favorite feature was the intricate designs quilted into it. She beautifully incorporated various music symbols such as notes and clefs.


Fall Colors

Fall Colors

Made and Quilted By: Ethel Simmons

This Lovely quilt was made and quilted by Ethel Simmons in Roanoke, Va. I loved the “looking through the window” feel of this piece. The warm and inviting colors makes this a perfect piece for fall time. This quilt captures the fall season perfectly with the picturesque foliage and warm tones.

 Love Letters

Love Letters.jpg

    Made By: Judy Coffman                             Quilted By: Laura Credle 

Love Letters (2).jpg

This traditional quilt was made by Judy Coffman and quilted by Laura Credle from Star City Stitchery. The quilt designs on this work of art speak for itself. I loved how she used red and white fabric for contrasting colors. It made the quilting designs pop out even more giving it that “classic” look.


We had a great time interacting with the artists and meeting new people at the quilt show. The members from the Star Quilters Guild were very informative and helpful. They defiantly made this experience a positive one. We’re lucky to have attended such a beautiful display of quilting art at its finest.

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