Art Quilts from Star Quilters Guild annual Quilt Show 2017

I have always had a love and appreciation for art quilts. The creative possibilities are endless with so many different processes and techniques available. Painting, piecing, collage, dyeing, applique, stamping, printing, and photography are just some of the various techniques. Due to their uniqueness art quilts are by far my favorite type of quilt.

Below are two examples from the Star Quilters Guild annual show in Roanoke, Va. For more information about the Star Quilters Guild visit their homepage.

January Dawn

January Dawn.jpg

Created and Quilted by: Janice Walker

This was my favorite art quilt at the show. Janice beautifully pieced this wonderful landscape together, by using a strip-piecing technique. I especially love her choice of fabric, the warm and cool tones sync together harmoniously. She embellished this work of art by using hand-guided free motion quilting for the trees.

Golden Frogs of Monteverde



Created and Quilted by: Karin Tauber

Sorry for the blurry photo it was the only one I had for this quilt. This was another art quilt I had fell in love with. It is brilliantly pieced together with the perfect color combination. My photo certainly doesn’t depict it’s true beauty. If this quilts beauty isn’t enough to make you fall in love, its story sure will.

The Golden Toad was indigenous to northern Costa Rica, Central America. They were discovered in 1964, within the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve. No one has seen a golden toad since 1989. As of 1992 they were completely extinct. There are various theories as to why they became extinct. Some of the theories are climate changes and pollution through pesticides. To this day scientist still are not 100% sure as to why the golden toads became extinct.

I’m glad we got to share these one of a kind quilts with you today. For more amazing breath taking quilts sign up for our newsletter.

Have fun and Happy Quilting!



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