Batiks in Bali: Extreme Quilting Tourism

Bali Batik Tour- a once in a lifetime opportunity

Nerd of the North

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Craft tourism is a quickly growing travel trend. From scrapbooking and quilting cruises to card making retreats to quilting and yarn tours abroad, there are many possibilities for quilters, crafters, fiber artists, and artists period.

Why use good vacation time on a crafty tourist package?

For most fiber artists and quilters, it’s more than a hobby, it’s a passion. And craft tourism allows you to experience a whole new side to those artistic endeavors.

You can learn about the history, see new trends, walk through museums, and see how things are made first hand. With quilting or knitting cruises you often take classes from the greats in the industry and still get to see and do all the touristy things you would expect on vacation.

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One adventure that takes quilting tourism to the extreme is a unique batik Bali trip.


This tour immerses you in all Bali has to offer while taking…

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